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Neaten serve the independent investors and new generation entrepreneur who want to run the show themselves instead of being locked into a car wash franchise, manufacturer or distributor agreement.

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    Our Simple business plan helps you to take first steps into the automotive care industry without the slightest effort.

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    This is the option to quickly kick start your doorstep car wash & Detailing business, no space required, no fixed office , minimum manpower.
    Neaten Car wash
    Neaten Car wash
    Neaten Car wash
    Neaten Car wash

    About Neaten

    Trusted for over a decade , Neaten is an industry leader in Automobile cleaning equipment specially cold water and hot water pressure washer. As one of the largest suppliers and importer of industrial pressure wash equipment in India, we offer unparalleled value and selection for the country’s industrial market cleaning demands. We are one of the leading consulting company in the Automobile Detailing Industry .
    • We are importers of Machinery Equipment’s and Spares.
    • Exclusive Distributor of LAVOR WASH for their Automobile Cleaning Product Range in India.
    • We Supplies Chemicals and Shampoos for all Automobile Cleaning needs.
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    Car Wash Business Opportunities in India

    In a dynamic world where things are changing very fast so are the opportunities for business. New avenues and different unconventional opportunities are opening up.



    Expert guidance to help you go from breaking ground to ground -breaking performance. Neaten is an independent and impartial business entity that is not tied to any one car wash equipment manufacturer or support supplier. We serve several business models, for all investors wishing to enter into the vehicle washing business.

    With over 50 years combined expertise, let our knowledgeable staff make the right decisions for you the first time, to avoid any costly mistakes. There are over 100 companies supplying everything from Pressure washers to boom to chemicals and vacuum cleaners, which will be vying for your business when building a new car wash or remodeling your existing location.

    We Provide Trusted Services For You

    If You're New Investor, Just Getting Started Or Already Own A Car Wash

    Why Choose Us

    Consult To

    As working as Automobile Cleaning and Detailing business operators ourselves, we understand the unique business challenges that arise from various models, geographies, and competitive environments.

    We Use The Latest

    Neaten Automobile Wash Consulting combines the most advanced technologies, including CAD/3D site layouts and predictive modeling to determine where best to break ground on your next project.


    We Give You Unbiased

    Our deliverables include comprehensive evaluations of your site, car wash equipment, controls, chemistry, applicators, and/or water management systems, prioritizing the actions that will contribute to improved wash consistency and performance.

    Car Wash Business Consulting Service

    We serve several business models, for all investors wishing to enter into the vehicle washing business. The type of facility is generally based upon the financial strength of the investor, demographics and area competition.

    Feasibility Study

    Our team of Experts will customize a proformance with break-even points based on volume and average sales per car

    Business Plan

    Let us streamline the process by providing you with this invaluable service

    Design, Development, and Architectural Consulting

    Costly mistakes are made with every new build. Mitigating those mistakes is paramount to ensuring proper timelines are met and change orders are minimal.

    Consulting Services

    From site selection to your grand opening, from project coordination to manager and employee training, we advise and assist you in all phases of your vehicle wash project. Allow us to guide you through your vehicle wash experience. We will assist you to execute your business from scratch to just as our slogan says we will assist you.

    • Competitive Market Analysis with Site Selection and assessment
    • Menu and Product Development with image and uniform format
    • Signage and Display Presentation with Menu and Product Development
    • Equipment Recommendation with wash process options & Alternatives

    “ C o n s u l t  t o  C o m p l e t e ”


    Invest with Confidence

    From site selection to your grand opening, from project coordination to manager and employee training, we advise and assist you in all phases of your vehicle wash project.

    Marketing Strategy

    We guide you to create Marketing strategy to market your business

    Logo Design & Website Development

    We have a great in -house IT and Design team and we guide you and help you to develop Digital assets

    Manpower Management

    Being into this Industry we know how to hire and find good detailers and Managers to manage the business. We help you to hire.

    How We Can Help You

    Most Car washes are considered neighborhood car  washes , which must be unique to the demographics they serve . Allow us to advise you in areas such as name branding , custom signage /logo development , business model development , business plan assistance , economic proforma with income and expenditure , equipment selection and budget cash and labor control , owner employee maintenance training etc.
    No Upfront Franchise Fees
    No Annual Royalty
    No Advertising Fees
    Create Your own Brand

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    Services car wash owner able to offered

    neaten Car Wash
    Car Wash

    Car Wash owner Offer Different type of Car wash be it Foam Wash , Steam or Through Pressure Washer. Technics and process of Interior and exterior car wash, cleaning, polishing.

    neaten car Exterior Detailing
    Car Detailing

    Auto detailing is an activity of systematically performing operations and procedures that keep the vehicle in its best possible condition, especially cosmetic

    Car Coating

    Car Coating acts as an additional layer of protection for car. The ultra-fine, thin coating is manually applied over cars by hand and uses nanotechnology to seal the entire surface

    Add on Services

    Entrepreneur able to offer wide range of Detailing Services by adding Detailing Plan with Business Plan it not only extend the bouquet of Services and significantly increases the Revenue potential


    Set Up a Car Wash &
    Watch The Cash Flow In

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