Stamina Jolt

Stamina jolt is a multipurpose machine: cleaning with detergent, steam, steam with detergent, foam and hot water. Equipped with a compressed air connection and pressure gauges for air and steam. Unlimited autonomy of steam thanks to the electronically controlled power supply of the boiler, which enables water top-ups in the tank without having to stop the machine or interrupt work. Discharge pipe to quickly drain dirty water from the tank. Two-stage bypass vacuum motor. Equipped with 3 pumps: boiler, detergent and water. Maximum safety thanks to the 2 safety thermostats, 1 pressure switch and 1 mechanical maximum pressure valve.

Stamina ws

Feeding Boilers: Diesel oil. Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil Shock-resistant. Self-bearing frame. 4 big wheels for easy move. Gasoil tank high capacity ensuring longer working. Quick couplings supplied with the machine. Diesel tank capacity 18 l. High pressure hose 3/8 "Ø 5/16" 10 m, to connect any cold high pressure cleaner to volcano (optional).

Stamina Steam 1 A

Stamina Steam 1 A is a Portable and ecological steam generator with a diesel fuel boiler. Unlimited autonomy thanks to no-stop water tank refilling. It does not leave residues after cleaning. It allows sanitising tasks thanks to the combined use of steam and pressure.

Stamina Duo

Ultra Pressure Dry Steamer: a new revolutionary cleaning system. The advantages of two cleaning systems are combined into one single product. An innovative cleaning system that combines the mechanical force of high-pressure water with the degreasing and disinfecting force of dry steam. A professional steam generator integrated with a cold water high-pressure cleaner, dual use for multiple applications in an all-in-one product. With the cold water high pressure cleaner, which uses the mechanical force of the high pressure, you can quickly remove coarse and superficial dirt. Thanks to the use of detergents is then possible to act effectively on all kinds of dirt and on all surfaces. With the degreasing and sanitizing strength of dry steam it is possible to remove even the more aggressive dirt, allowing to clean car rims, the engine compartment, interior parts, floor mats. Ideal for: Cleaning and sanitising car interiors, street furniture, playgrounds, removing chewing gum, degreasing mechanical parts in general, etc.

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