Vigour Plus

The Vacuum Cleaner, Wet Cleaner Vigour Plus is a solid, robust and at the same time handy and versatile household appliance; compact structure with a wide base in shockproof material, it can be moved easily thanks to the 4 anti-tracking pivoting wheels, which, besides ensuring stability, allow it to be moved on any type of flooring. The stem 50 liter in stainless steel is locked to the cylinder head with two metal hooks quick release of professional type and has a tube connected for emptying fast of liquids. The1200W silent two-stage motor, powerful, robust, able to sustain long periods of use without any effort, is equipped with an anti-static system that prevents electric shocks during use.


Toss is an injection/extraction cleaning machine ideal for car cleaning, as it can be used with thick foam or liquid detergent can have ability to spray-extraction cleaner with a separate anti-foaming tank and it is designed for rug, carpet, and upholstery cleaning in offices, clinics, cinemas and households, as well as car upholstery which can be enough for thorough cleaning through the 4 bar spray pressure and 230 mbar suction power. Spray and extraction functions are separately operable. Separate fresh and wastewater tanks, each containing 6, 5 litre. Separate container for anti-foaming agent. Clear, ergonomic nozzles with long stainless steel vacuum tube for convenient, effortless work. Rubber-coated castor wheels and large back wheels.

Vigour Foam

Windy IE Foam Compressor is an injection/extraction cleaning machine ideal for car cleaning, as it can be used with thick foam or liquid detergent. Windy IE Foam compressor is equipped with integrated compressed air unit and an external tank of 12 liters capacity, which allows the detergent refilling without opening the machine. Thanks to the special brush the foam can be spread quickly and easily on the car seats or mats and can be removed after few seconds with the transparent nozzle. Being equipped with two high depression vacuum motors, 90% of the foam is recovered with the great advantage of a very fast drying (20 min.) and a better cleaning performace. Windy IE Foam is ideal for the pre-washing of the car body, rims and engine. Using the lance with the 7 meters hose can be produced a thick foam that will stay on the dirty components, giving more effectiveness to the detergent. Windy IE Foam Compressor is also an excellent two motors wet & dry vacuum cleaner with 65 liters of tank capacity.


VIGOUR 20 is a professional vacuum cleaner, wet vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner able to solve any cleaning problem on any surface. The most powerful function of this appliance is certainly that of carpet cleaners, sofas, armchairs, car seats, etc. as the cleaning power of the jet, combined with the use of detergent, cleans stains and sterilizes the surface in an unbeatable manner. Not least, however, the suction power of dust and liquids in any type of use both in domestic and working environments: new 1400 W motor, cooled with by-pass system, soundproofed for less noise emission, powerful and reliable, which ensures high levels of power. The VIGOUR 20 comes complete with accessories and very effective components with which you can switch from one function to another without wasting time.

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