Glass Polish

For a brilliant - sparkling glass free of nicotine, grease and stains, Cream polish ideal for removing nicotine, grease and other soiling from glass and mirrored surfaces. Leaves a crystal-clear finish on the glass. Gives an anti-glare clear vision. Easy to remove with the help of a non-woven pad along with dual action sander.

Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Alloy wheels are the most common type of wheels on the road today. Cozi Cars Alloy Wheel Cleaner is made to give alloy wheels a factory fresh look with no harsh acids or alkaline cleaners. It is best in to clean corrosion, brake dust, road salts and grime off the alloy wheels. It gives you factory fresh look to your vehicle alloy wheels.

Alloy Wheel Protector

If you are looking for the all-time sparkling alloy wheels for your vehicle, then use this Cozi Cars Alloy Wheel Protector, it can be easily applied on any type of alloy wheel, resulting in an instantaneous high-shine and long lasting protection. This product protects alloy wheels from road salts, brake, dust and grime, based on Nano–technology, once applied, bonds with the wheel surface repelling the adhesion of contaminants, helps maintain showroom finish.

Headlight Restoration (Chemical)

Bring back clarity to your headlight lenses Cleans and protects headlights that have become dull, oxidized, cloudy and hazy. Radically Improves visibility at night instantly improves the performance of the headlight after treatment.

A.C. Sterilizer

A.C. sterilizer is best for removing odours from the ventilation system and ducts in your car caused by the build-up of bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds and to bacco residue whether you have air con or not.This protection is designed to disinfect the Air conditioner ducts and to improve air quality.

Insta Glaze

Erases minor paint imperfections such as holograms and swirls to give a maximum gloss.Very fine foam finishing polish. Re-vitalized with co-polymers for protection. Removes swirl marks and light scratches. Leaves an excellent, high gloss finish on all types of automotive paints. Apply by high speed polisher along with a foam pad. Do not apply in direct sunlight or onto a hot surface to avoid staining or burn marks.

Mega Compound

An effective Hi-Tech Compound that is designed to remove all the paint defects such as, minor scratches, swirls, overspray, sanding marks.etc. A thick compound designed to remove paint defects. Removes coarse as well as fine scratches. Works on fresh and fully cured paint coating. Leaves behind a brilliant glossy surface.

Nano Compound

Regain the original colour of your car with our Nano Compound. Specially designed to clean the paint porosity. Cleans, shines and gives you instant results. Extremely effective on both old and new cars

Octa Coating

Just one application gets you a deep and long lasting shine on painted surfaces. Gives a brilliant glossy finish to soft or new paint. Can also be used on metallic and solids paint works. Airtight and waterproof. Forms an Invisible hard elastic layer which restores and preserves the paintwork.

Olivia Wax

Gives a basic protection and super shine on painted surfaces. Extremely easy to use. Glossy one application polish. Can be used on new and old vehicles

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