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For a brilliant - sparkling glass free of nicotine, grease and stains, Cream polish ideal for removing nicotine, grease and other soiling from glass and mirrored surfaces. Leaves a crystal-clear finish on the glass. Gives an anti-glare clear vision. Easy to remove with the help of a non-woven pad along with dual action sander.
  • Make sure the glass is cool and in the shade when you apply the cleaner
  • Try it on the inside and the outside surface for maximum sparkle
  • Cleans insects / bugs splatter, dust, dirt, bird droppings, grease, oil drops fallen from trees during parking and grime quickly and without any effort from the windshield without producing bubbles.
  • Includes Anti-mist and Anti-Freezing Properties. Improves visibility and reduces night glare.     
  • increases Transparency and gloss of the glass.
  • Very Easy to use Liquid Cleaner for Car Windshield. Easy flow nostril, Just add it to the windshield Sprinkler Can directly
  • For Best Results and Maximum Sparkle, can try it both on the inside and outside surfaces.
  • Ideal for Regular Maintenance. Good for all seasons cleaning and protection. Environment Friendly, Comes with a refreshing fragrance
  • Shake the bottle well before use
  • Clean the windshield with water and wipe off
  • Apply cozi cars glass polish on a non-woven pad with the help of dual action sander
  • Run the dual action sander on the windshield on X and Y pattern
  • Check if all residue is completely removed with the help of rubber squeeze
  • Wash off the windshield thoroughly, wipe off with Microfiber cloth

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