Force H/C - High Pressure Washer

This machine is designed to work under tough conditions. A continuous duty machine run to operate for long hours. A special combination of Steam and Pressure Wash that removes the toughest stains out of any surface. The machine often termed to be a Mother of all the pressure washer.

Technical Specifications

Operating pressure / max 200 bar
Delivery rate 900 l/h
Absorbed power / Voltage 4200W/4.2K.W - 400V-50Hz 3ph
Motorpump type MP4 Ni/1450 RPM
Max inlet water temperature 40 °C
Max outlet water temperature 140 °C
  • 4 poles electrical motor (1450 RPM) with thermal protection
  • Three ceramic coated pistons 
  • Built-in by-pass valve nickel plating brass linear pump head with high temperature water seals and bushing.
  • Low voltage and delayed Total Stop.
  • Suction and delivery S. S. valves.
  • Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil 
  • Temperature regulation gauge with high sensitive stainless steel sensor.
  • Detergent built-in tank 3 l.
  • Auxiliary motor for burner air cooling and mechanical two ways fuel pump. 
  • Hose reel (optional).
AGRICULTURE: Farms, Wineries, oil mills, Fodder
GDO:Supermarkets Chains, Hypermarkets, Shopping Centres, Discount, DIY centres
INDUSTRIALE: Mechanical Workshops, Cement factories, Foundries, Steelworks
TRANSPORT: Forwarders, Railway and Underground Stations, Airport, Animals transport, Food products transport
FEED: Butchery, delicatessen, Cheese factory, Bakery, Confectionery industry, Warehouses, Fruit storage, Wineries and Breweries
PUBLIC: Schools and University, Nursery Schools, Libraries, Canteens, Kitchens, Gyms, Stadiums, Sport Centre, Small Churches, Oratories, Religious Institutions, Public Sector, Railway and Underground stations, Airport, Barracks, Military Bases
HORECA: Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Small Guest-houses, Camping's, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, pizzeria, Catering Services, Kitchen, Fast and food and Outlets
AUTOMOTIVE: Car washes, Car showrooms, Petrol station, Car Workshops, Car Body Shop, Car Retails
SANITARY: Hospitals and Medical Centres, Health Centres, Private Clinic, Rest Homes for the elderly. Laboratories, Dentists' Surgeries Vets' Surgeries
SPA: SPAS, Swimming Pools, Saunas, Turkish baths, Beauty Centres
Standard Equipments
  • GUN MV 975
  • Gun MV 975 3/8''M with quick connection
  • H. P. HOSE
  •  10 m R1 high pressure hose
  • 66020044 LANCIA 
  • LANCE 900 MM
  • 900 mm lance with quick connection
Optional Equipments
H. P. HOSE: high-pressure hose 400 bar 20 m max, d. 5/16 '', 3/8 '' F/exit 3/8 '' F, max 150° C
H. P. HOSE: high-pressure hose 400 bar 20 m max, d. 3/8 '', 3/8 '' F/exit 3/8 '' F, max 150° C
H.P.HOSE: Food hose R2 with rubber hose bend d. 3/8 - max 400 bar - INLET 3/8 '' F - OUTLET 3/8 '' F, max 150° C. For food industry.
H.P. HOSE: Steam hose R2 with rubber hose bend d. 3/8 - max 400 bar - INLET 3/8 '' F - OUTLET 3/8 '' F, max 135°C. For food industry.
BRUSH: Fixed brush with extension 700 mm
BRUSH: Rotary Brush with extension 700 mm for gun M22, max 250 bar, max. 90°C
BRUSH: Rotating Brush M22
HOSE REEL: High pressure hose reel (hose not included)
HOSE REEL: Wall-mounted hose drum with bracket (20 m hose,3/8"") inlet 3/8"" F - outlet 3/8"" F
HOSE REEL: Varnished steel automatic hose reel without hose (capacity 20 m hose 5/16 ''), INLET 3/8 '' M - OUTLET 3/8 '' F
HOSE REEL: Varnished steel automatic hose reel with hose (20 m hose 5/16 ''), INLET 3/8 '' F/ OUTLET 3/8 '' F 
COUPLING: Rotating quick coupling 3/8"" m
ADAPTER: adapter for high pressure hose 1/4 '' M-M22 
LANCE: Lance with quick coupling (for gun S'10) for turbo nozzles and blasting - 1/4 M
PIPE CLEANING NOZZLE: Pipe cleaning nozzle 0.55 - 3/8 '' M with side holes.
PIPE CLEANING HOSE: 10 m pipe cleaning hose. 10 mt length. Blitz max 210 bar 
PIPE CLEANING HOSE: 20 m pipe cleaning hose
FILTER: water filter 3/4F - 3/4 M - 80 micron
COUPLING: Quick coupling kit hose/ gun - steel - INLET 3/8 '' F - OUTLET 3/8 '' F - 250 bar 
COUPLING: Quick coupling kit hose / gun - brass - INLET 3/8'' F - OUTLET 3/8'' M - 200 bar"

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